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Important info on odds and markets


On December 15th 2022, we have added the new markets “Double Chance”, “O/U Teams” and “To Score”. Untils these changes are incorporated to our iOS and Android APPS, you will only be able to submit picks in these new markets if you access your Pyckio account from your web browser.


More than 99% of your all our tipsters’ picks are registered at Pinnacle Sports odds. Only exceptionally, when some markets are not available, be it because Pinnacle has stopped offering odds temporarily, when we have some technical issues that prevent us from offering Pinnacle odds in that moment or for any other reason, we will offer you alternatively an average price of several other bookmakers.


You can submit this pick from the label Asian Handicap (AH) selecting the Handicap 0. This is the same as the “Draw No Bet” option.


- Handicaps (+/-1, 2, 3…) and Over/Under (1,2,3…)

In an asian handicap the bet can be void. If we bet Real Madrid+1 and the final result is a Madrid defeat by 3-2, the final result of the bet would be 3-3. Therefore, bet void and we receive our money back.

3) Handicaps (+/- 0.25. 0.75, 1.25. 1.75, 2.25, 2.75…) and Over/Under (0.25. 0.75, 1.25. 1.75, 2.25, 2.75…) 

When we find handicaps that finish in x.25 or x.75, we are really making 2 bets, one at that handicap minus 0.25 and the other one at that handicap plus 0.25. A Real Madrid +1.25 (stake 8) pick means that we are betting 50% (stake 4) to Real Madrid+1 and the other 50% (stake 4) to Real Madrid+1.50. Real Madrid +0.75 pick means that we are betting 50% to Real Madrid+0.50 and the other 50% to Real Madrid+1. The same happens with the over/under. An over 1.75 means we are betting half the stake to over 1.50 and the other half to over 2.0.

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