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Tipster Levels

There are different Tipster levels, according to the Rating:

1. Trainee. Their statistics show losses or profits but with fewer than 100 picks.

2. Rookie. Rating between 0 and 1

3. Promise. Rating between 1 and 2

4. Coach. Rating between 2 and 3

5. Master. Rating between 3 and 3.5

6. GrandMaster. Rating between 3.5 and 4.25

7. PRO. Rating between 4.25 and 5 and have made a minimum of 500 picks. Their Yield LS cannot be lower than 4.5%PRO Tipsters are the only ones that will be paid for their picks. To be a PRO Tipster you must have previously passed through the rest of levels. If you don’t achieve the PRO status don’t worry. In fact, only a small percentage of Tipsters will reach this level. The better your statistics and analyses are, the more followers you will have, even though you are not PRO. The best Free Tipsters will have many followers in the Pyckio community.

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