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How to follow other Tipsters’ picks

 You can see other Tipsters’ picks and analyses in 2 different ways:

A. “MY TIMELINE”. This is your Home. Here you will be able to see the picks and analyses of all the Tipsters you follow. If you want to follow a Tipster just visit his profile page and click on the “Follow” button. In order to decide which Tipsters you will follow, you have several options:

1. Follow Tipsters that you already now (friends, acquaintances…). Introduce their Pyckio username in the top search box and visit their profile page.
2. Visit the “Rankings” page and select the best Tipsters or those whose statistics look interesting to you.
3. In the “Match Timeline” (see below).

B. THE “MATCH TIMELINE”. Here you will see all the picks and analyses related to one particular match, be it from Tipsters you follow or Tipsters you don’t follow.  These are games you have previously selected in the left green navigation menu. Once you have selected one match you will see a grey panel where you can also submit you picks. This page is equivalent to the #hashtag screen in Twitter.

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