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How to submit my picks

Submitting your picks in Pyckio is very easy. Access the left green navigation menu from your home (My Timeline), choose the sport, country and competition and you will see a list of matches. Select the game you want to tip on and you will access “The match timeline”. From here you will be able to submit your picks as well as see others Tipsters picks and analyses. Within the grey panel, if you click on “Add to my games”, you will be able to access the timeline of that particular match with only one click (below the green menu) at any time. You won’t have to look for it. From this “Match Timeline” you can also look for other matches and submit your picks.

You can select your “Favourite Competitions” in the green menu, making it easier for you to submit your picks. For example, if you mainly tip in Tennis ATP or Football-Spain-La Liga, you can mark both as “Favourite Competitions” and you won’t have to go through the green menu to look for matches. With just one click you will see all the available matches in those competitions.

When submitting a pick there are 3 available markets: a) 1X2, b) Asian handicap 3) total goals or points. Over time we will continue to add new markets.

You can choose any stake between 1 and 10 units. Therefore, results are also measured in units. If we are following a Tipster, how do we link the stake in units to the real amount of money we want to bet? Let’s imagine we follow a Tipster who makes a pick with a 10 units stake. If my maximum bet is 50 eur, 50 eur is the amount of money that matches with those 10 units. If the Tipster stake is 5, then I will bet 25 eur. This is a very generic and simple explanation. In our Betting University section you can find more info about staking.

The stake that a Tipster selects should be based on 2 factors, the odds and the confidence he has on the pick. The higher the odds the lower the stake and vice versa. And the higher your confidence the higher the stake. As a Tipster you can choose the stake you want in every pick, but you must consider that, if you want to be a PRO Tipster and have many subscribers, you should make a rational money management strategy and not necessarily bet the maximum stake as this might influence your credibility.

We use real time (or with some seconds delay) Pinnacle Sports odds. Pinnacle is a must bookmaker for anyone who wants to take sports betting seriously. It’s the professional bettor’s bookmker of choice, as it will not restrict winning like many others.

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