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How to become a PRO Tipster

Any registered member of the Pyckio community can become a Professional Tipster and be paid for his picks, if he has previously proved in our platform to have a special ability to win money betting. Any user will be able to submit his picks to Pyckio for free. Our algorithm will determine which Tipsters can become PROs. The Sports where you can tip are, to this day, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, American Football, Baseball, Hockey (ice), Voleyball and Rugby.

Those Tipsters who reach the “Tipster PRO” status will receive 50% of the revenues they generate. Pyckio will maintain the remaining 50%. Picks will be sold in different packages. The price per pick of each PRO Tipster will depend on 2 factors: The Tipster statistics and the package size. The bigger the package the cheaper the price per pick and vice versa and the better the Tipster results the higher the price. If you become a PRO Tipster, the more susbcribers you have the more money you will earn. Individual sports results are computed. that is, you can have very bad numbers overall but if you excel at one sport you can be a PRO tipster in that sport. The “Tipster PRO” concept is associated with every sport; that is, you can be a Football PRO TIpster, a Tennis PRO Tipster… but not a global PRO Tipster.

In any case we reserve the right not to grant the PRO status or require more picks to a Tipster if we consider there are exceptional circumstamces that made we us doubt about the tipster expertise.

Here you can access more info about the picks prices.

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