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How to buy the picks of our Tipsters PRO

Our Tipsters PRO are the best experts at Pyckio and ones of the best in the market as they have passed the exam of a very demanding and tough algorithm. Here you can see how our Rating works and which requirements are needed to become a Tipster PRO.

At Pyckio the picks are bought in packages of 50, 200 and 1000 picks. We think it’s the most reasonable policy as it’s not fair to pay the same for a tipster who seubmits 25 picks per month than for another one who posts 80. The price per pick of a Tipster PRO depends on 2 variables: his Rating and the package size. The higher the rating and the lower the package size the higher the price and viceversa. The tipsters prices will be updated weekly, in the Sunday to Monday morning. Therefore the weekly prices of each tipster will depend on the Rating at that moment. You can see the updated price of all the tipsters PRO picks in their profile.

Here you can find more details about how the PRO funcionality works:

  • If you buy 2 or more 1000 picks packages of one or more Tipster PRO we will gift you 10% extra picks. That is, if you buy 1000 picks of Tipster PRO A and 1000 picks of TIpster PRO B, you will receive 1100 picks of A and 1100 picks of B, a 100 picks gift of each tipster.
  • You’ll be able to change your pending to consume picks of a Tipster PRO to another one, 1 month after your initial purchase and 1 month after every change, all the times you want.
  • You’ll be able to stop your subscriptions for a maximum of 14 days per stop. You’ll be able to stop once if you buy a 200 picks package and 3 times if you buy a 1000 picks package.
  • Picks are sold in packages of 50, 200 and 1000 picks. The price of each package depends on the Tipster Rating and the package size and is updated in real time. You are not able to buy picks from tipsters with less than rating 4.
  • A PRO Tipster can post a max. of 15 picks per day, from 6.00 h. to 22.00 h. (UTC). If a pick is submitted less than 1 hour in advance of the match time, it will be Free for all his followers.
  • Picks buyers will receive an email alert every time a Tipster PRO has submitted a pick.
  • Picks made at are Free
  • If a Tipster PRO Rating drops below 3.75 he’ll loose his PRO status. If you’ve bought his picks you’ll able, during 15 days, to choose another Tipster PRO to use your “not consumed” bought picks.
  • When a new PRO Tipster is designated you will be able to swap picks from an old PRO Tipster to a new PRO after 1 month, not earlier.
  • In your Pyckio Settings you will be able to access a special area with all the info about the number of picks bought (package size), the number of picks consumed and the outstanding picks.
  • You can make your picks purchase with your debit or credit card with maximum security. On one hand, the security of our site is maximum as it’s HTTPS encrypted. On the other hand, we don’t keep nor access your card details. All the operation is carried out through the payments platform of the Spanish financial entity Abanca, without any extra cost for you. You can also pay via Paypal, Skrill, Neteller or wire transfer.

- Should you have any doubt please email us from this form.

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